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    Home relaxing in an apartment setting is expressed in both the interior and exterior features of the home apartment, as well as in the community and apartment amenities. You can relax inside your apartment, or outside your apartment or even outside the entire complex by a visit to Patterson Park for example.


    The exterior and interior blueprint of every apartment speaks of elegance, a high sense of practical functionality, warmth and excitement, and enhancing a sense of enthusiasm and security for the residents. This is reflection of 101ellwood Home relaxing.


    101ellwood Home relaxing assures that the living room floor is partially carpeted with a rich soft light brown cover that contrasts with the dining room and kitchen’s gorgeous non-carpeted dark brown hardwood floor. The master’s bedroom and the other bedrooms are carpeted with a grainy light brown carpet that matches with the splendid beige and white wall colors.


    Before joining tonight’s “Wine and Paint Night” at the spacious function room, or just before going out to meet new friends at the Ellwood “Meet Your Community Happy Hour” at Patterson Park, you may want to drop by the 101ellwood Zen Courtyard for a few minutes of contemplation, as part of 101ellwood Home relaxing.


    Every room at the 101ellwood apartment is designed to optimize and maximize the comfort of residents. At the living room, the sofas, tables, lighting and carpet and attractive 101ellwood floortiles allow one to live and work comfortably as an initiative of 101ellwood Home relaxing.


    The apartment amenities can inspire residents to interact with others in a friendly and affable manner, as the spatial ecology of the apartment provides an ambience of high spirits and liveliness. The community amenities are linked to the goal of making your stay at Ellwood Apartments more convenient and relaxing.


    101ellwood Home relaxing allows you to entertain yourself by watching amazing movies from any point in your apartment or in any of the locations of the 101elwood apartment complex including Indoor pet care center, fitness center and yoga room, bicycle storage room, resident's club, and Zen courtyard.


    Experience 101ellwood Home relaxing at the rooftop deck. The rooftop deck becomes a point of convergence of residents from different places and backgrounds who come up to socialize, to relax or simply to do some terrace-gazing down below the dazzling lights of the city. it becomes an exhilarating experience for everyone to come up at the 101ellwood rooftop deck. An uninterrupted view of Baltimore below is simply amazing.


    Every room is designed to optimize and maximize your comfort. At the living room, the sofas, tables, lighting and carpet allows you to live and work in comfort. Work in peace and quiet at the living room’s small office table. If you’re tired you can either lie down at the sofa, or sleep on the comfortable bed inside the bedroom. An initiative of 101ellwood Home relaxing. You can visit site : http://www.101ellwood.com/

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